Unity is a vibrant community allowing designers to create their own apps and games on the platforms they choose. Unity is used by industry professionals and hobbyists alike, and can create both 2D and 3D applications for a variety of platforms.

The Unity application is built for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, and targets intermediate to expert designers and coders. With a huge and supportive community and an immense network of tutorials, you will be creating apps and games in no time at all. Unity supports the C# and Javascript programming languages, and is capable of building games for PC, Home Consoles, Web and mobile devices.

Unity offers a basic free version available to all users, as well as a Pro subscription service to access extra features.

Create a Username and Sign in for Visual Studio using this guide Coding Challenge – Quick guide for staff and students

Grab Unity from here.

Get started with tutorials here.

Things to consider


  • A software suite which is widely used in the industry.
  • Supports both 2D and 3D applications.
  • Gigantic community of both professionals and hobbyists online for support and assistance.
  • User functionality can be programmed with either C# or Javascript.
  • There are many tutorials online, official and unofficial, covering a range of topics.
  • There are both free and paid subscription versions available.
  • Many 2D, 3D assets are already included, as well as some basic scripts.
  • Features an online store where assets can be shared, bought and downloaded.
  • Projects can be exported to a large range of devices including PC, Mac, Android, iDevice, Xbox, Playstation and Web.

Challenges and things to consider

  • Unity is run from an executable file which needs to be installed to the hard drive, requiring administrator privileges.
  • Unity has a steep learning curve and is not easy to simply pick up and start using without prior knowledge.
  • An intermediate knowledge of either Javascript or C# is required to program any complex functionality.
  • Requires prior knowledge of external software to create unique assets (Photoshop for textures and graphics, Maya/3DS Max for 3D models, etc.)
  • The development software is only available for Windows and Mac OS X.

To find out about Unity watch:

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