Touch Develop

Touch Develop requires students to log in to their own online “Studio”. It is one of the tools students can use to participate in the Victorian Schools’ Games and Apps Challenge.

Touch Develop is an easy-to-use program which caters to a wide skill range, including those with no prior coding experience. With a large network of tutorials, Touch Develop can get you started on games and apps in no time. Touch Develop works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux.

Students will need to create a Microsoft Account – this guide Coding Challenge – Quick guide for staff and students provides instructions on how to set one up. Inside the Touch Develop environment are the tools, tutorials and space needed to create their games. There are tutorials for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Coders.

Get started with Touch Develop from here.

Tutorials are available here.

Things to consider


  • Large range of comprehensive tutorials which explain programming terminology while you work through them.
  • Completed tutorials are saved to your Microsoft user cloud, allowing you to easily modify the examples given to you.
  • Simple point and click interface but can also be programmed directly with the keyboard.
  • Shows a good breakdown of steps involved in the programming process and troubleshooting to be aware of.
  • Tutorials highlight the specific code you need for each step and explain what its function is.
  • Can be easily accessed through a web browser.
  • Accessible from a large range of devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iDevices.

Challenges and things to consider

  • Skipping ahead in the tutorials is very easy, meaning you can do the steps quickly without taking the time to learn what they mean.
  • TouchDevelop uses its own programming language, rather than an established one like C# or Java.

To find out about Touch Develop watch

Watch the Coaching Webinar presented by Trent Ray:


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