Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition takes the original smash hit game Minecraft and remixes it into a new school-ready learning powerhouse. Minecraft Education provides simple yet powerful tools to fine-tune the Minecraft experience for learning, and gives you the ability to create imaginative games.

To use Minecraft Education your school must already have access to an existing Minecraft Education server and licenses. Built for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, this beginner-friendly application will bring your educational ideas to life in a 3D world. Before you get started make sure your school’s Minecraft Education server includes the ComputerCraftEdu extension installed.

Remember not to confuse Minecraft Education with other commercially available versions of Minecraft. Minecraft Education is the only version which is eligible for this Challenge.

Get started with tutorials here.

Things to consider


  • Many resources available online to support your creative needs and ideas.
  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
  • Great for visual learners who are looking for a way to express complicated algorithms in a simple and graphical way.
  • All of Minecraft’s usual fun repackaged as an educational tool.
  • Very easy and simple to use.

Challenges and things to consider

  • Your school must already own a MinecraftEdu server and license to use it. MinecraftEdu can no longer be downloaded.
  • Your school must also have ComputerCraftEdu installed on their MinecraftEdu server.
  • All of your algorithms will be restricted to the MinecraftEdu world, meaning you cannot make them independent applications.

To find out about Minecraft Education and ComputerCraftEdu watch


Watch the Coaching Webinar presented by Matt Jorgensen:


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