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Teacher Overview


This section is the main resource hub for teachers. For,

    • more information about the types of software and apps you could use to create your game or app, have a look on the Tools page
    • a range of resources, tutorials, tips, and advice for Apple software, see the Resources for Apple page
    • a range of resources, tutorials, tips, and advice for Microsoft software, see the Resources for Microsoft page
    • professional learning sessions to support you and your students through the Challenge have a look at the Professional Development page
    • the criteria that will guide the audience through their selections for People’s Choice Awards, see the Evaluation Criteria page
    • information about the T&Cs for the Challenge (contains some vital information), have a read of the Terms and Conditions page
    • an overview of the Victorian Curriculum and its connection to the Games and Apps Challenge, see the Curriculum page
    • student achievement rubrics for each, see the links at the bottom of the evaluation criteria page

Games and Apps Challenge products to be created………in a nutshell…


  1. A game, app or prototype that addresses the theme “Together We Can” to be shared at the ACMI Exhibition Day on Friday, October 26th, 2018.  Each registered school may exhibit more than one game/app/prototype. 
  2. A Design Brief and a tri-fold, cardboard display (supplied), created at ACMI on the morning of the exhibition explaining the key elements of the team’s game/app, how the group worked to develop the product and a copy of the design brief produced to prepare for the Challenge. 
  3. A video of up to 60 seconds advertising the created game/app and student reflections on the game/app development process.


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