Teachers, please make sure you have completed these steps…


  1. All Challenge entries must have three components:
    1. A design brief using one of the templates provided, which details the overall production process from beginning to end and includes a link to the online storage place of the Game or App created for the Challenge. (FUSE, GSuite, OneDrive…)
    2. A completed game, app or prototype.
    3. A reflection video of 60 seconds or less that showcases the product created and the development process.
  2. Ensure you have addressed all the components required in the Evaluation Criteria. People’s Choice Awards will be based on this criteria.
  3. Complete the Games and Apps Challenge Exhibition Preparation Survey. It is important you do not include any personal or identifying information about students other than the first name, initial and T-Shirt size. Read more on the FAQ page.
  4. Upload your Challenge entries with all deliverables in the form below by Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

To submit your entry, please log into this form. For accountability and security, you will be asked to log into the form with an active Google account.

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