Solution Fluency

Creating a game or app that endeavours to solve a problem or address an issue requires problem-solving skills and the ability to clearly and critically think about the issues involved. It requires solution fluency.

What gives a problem solver the edge they need? The ability to define the problem and see it clearly? Thinking critically from multiple perspectives and visualizing possibilities? The drive to create and deliver a solution and conquer any challenge? This is what Solution Fluency is all about. It is the ability to think creatively to solve problems in real time.

The stages involved clearly define the problem and design an appropriate solution. Finally, the solution is delivered and then evaluated. Solution Fluency is defined by the 6Ds process.


  • What are the details of the challenge we face?
  • What do we want to solve?
  • Why is this a problem that needs a solution?


  • What do I need to know and what do I need to be able to do to solve this problem?
  • Where have we seen this problem before?
  • Why hasn’t it been addressed previously?
  • If it has, why wasn’t it successful?
  • What can we change about our own approach to a solution?


  • What solution do we truly want to create?
  • How will it function?
  • What will it look like?
  • What’s our best-case scenario for the end goal?
  • Who will benefit from our solution?


  • What does it look like “on paper”?
  • How will we create and implement it?
  • What are the steps we must take?
  • What are the milestones and guidelines we will set for ourselves?
  • How will we ensure everything is being done right and on time?
  • How will we deal with problems?


  • How do we bring this idea into functional reality?
  • How do we practically apply what we’ve done?
  • How will we present this to people?
  • How will we know it’s working?


  • What were the results of our efforts?
  • How did we succeed or fall short of accomplishing our goal?
  • What went well, and what didn’t?
  • How can we improve our efforts and outcome in the future?
  • How can we apply what we’ve done to similar problems?

Essential Fluencies

The Essential Fluencies of innovative learning are structured processes for developing the skills that your students need to succeed, today and in the future. Want to know more? Visit the website here.

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