If you’re thinking of building your app on an iPad, there’s some important information about each of the tools which you need to know.



TouchDevelop is fully compatible with the iPad and other iOS devices, however an internet connection is required in order to use it.

To get started simply head to the TouchDevelop website from a browser on your iPad, either Safari or Google Chrome will do the trick. The main home page will greet you with a bright green ‘Launch’ button that will get you started.

Once you tap that button you can simply log on to your Microsoft account to save and load any of your scripts.

To publish and share any scripts you create, simply follow Microsoft’s instructions.

Visual Studio

Unfortunately there is no native Visual Studio app for the iPad or other iOS devices. Visual Studio must be downloaded and run on a Windows PC.

If you instead have a computer running Mac OS X, there is an alternative program called Visual Studio Code, however this app only supports hard coding, and is intended for expert programmers.


There is no native Unity app for the iPad or other iOS devices. Unity must be downloaded and run on either a Windows PC or Mac OS X.

If your target platform for your app is the iPad or other iDevice and you are building your app on a Mac OS X computer, there is an app you can download that allows you to debug directly from your device called Unity Remote 4. Once you install the app on your iPad, simply plug it into your Mac OS X computer via USB.

In your Unity project open the Editor settings (Menu: Edit > Project Settings > Editor) and select ‘Any iOS Device’ from the Unity Remote section.

With Unity Remote 4 running on your iPad, pressing the Play button in your Unity project will display the app or game on your iPad screen.

Other Programs:

If the program you are using has an associated App for either Google Play and or the iTunes store you are welcome to use it. We do however need you to consider the capacity for students to use and create with code within the App. In order to enter the competition it may be easiest to include screen shots of the code students to create to ensure that the Judges are able to view it.

It is expected that students would reference any pre-existing code they have used sourced from within the App or Program.

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