Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one teacher from my school participate in the Challenge?

Yes, absolutely!  The Challenge is a great project for a department, year level or specialist to get involved in.

Can multi-age groups enter as a team?

Yes. We encourage multi-aged groups. Group membership can reflect whatever suits your school and the way that you work. Teams of students collaborating on each game or app should be small to ensure full participation from each student.

How do I choose the 2-4 students who will attend the Exhibition?

The key focus of the Challenge is to provide an opportunity for teachers to bring game-making and coding, as a component of the DigiTech Curriculum, into their schools. The intention is for teachers to work with their students to create a prototype, game or app using whatever device and software they choose. Teachers then bring 2-4 students to the Exhibition at ACMI on October 26th to share the products they create.

Where schools are planning to have a number of classes following the design process and creating games/apps, a school-based selection process is needed to decide which students and which games/apps will be showcased at the Exhibition. 

One great approach to the Challenge is to host a school community  ‘event’  towards the end of term 3, inviting other classes and parents to come and view the students work. Through this event, you could vote for the team/students and game/app that will be representing your school at the Exhibition. This is one suggestion only.

A few years ago, St Albans East PS hosted a similar school community event to share videos about cyberbullying that the students had created with their parents. Called the Bully Busters Breakfast, this website explains more about the process and might offer you some ideas.

What does the theme mean?

The challenge is an opportunity for teachers and students to create game/s or app/s supporting the theme “Together We Can”.  The theme has two elements,

• it focuses on collaboration and teamwork

•  it promotes the idea that when we work together to solve shared challenges, we are more likely to be effective in our solutions

For example;  Together we can solve the problem of plastics on the beach…..the problem of litter in the schoolyard….the problem of bullying…..the problem of too many cars on the road. It can be any issue that the students feel strongly about. They then create a game or an app that addresses the issue. 

Why is it only teachers can register and submit entries?

To protect students’ personal information, we ask that teachers do not allow students to submit their entries themselves. In accordance with the Department’s Consent policy, we also ask that teachers avoid including any personal information that is identifiable about an individual student without parental consent. First name, surname initial and year level is sufficient.

Posting and sharing information about a person other than yourself online or in any other way requires consent. Consent must be fully informed, freely given, current and specific in how the information will be presented and to whom it will be presented.

Schools will require signed authority for any work, images or information posted online. School should understand that while consent can be freely given, it can also be withdrawn at any time. The school would then be required to remove the content/resource immediately.

** Consent form templates are available for download here.

Do I need consent forms for all students or just the four attending the Exhibition?

Yes, we need consent forms for all students participating in the Challenge. It’s not only the four representative students who attend the ACMI Exhibition

Many students may have worked on the Challenge products.  Schools will have student work, and perhaps photos and video, of many participating students included in their final product.

Any child who has work or their photo/voice, etc included in the final product requires a consent form.

What is a prototype?

A prototype for this Challenge is a preliminary version or working model of a Game or App from which a full product may be developed later. It exhibits the essential features of the game or app with a range of detailed plans and drawings, sample code, sounds, images etc.

Where can I find copyright free music for our game/app?

The Creative Commons site is a great resource for free music and explains why it is important to use music with rights clearance. We are unable to accept entries where the rights for images and music do not have permission for use.

What time is the Exhibition on Friday October 26th, 2018?

9:30 am – 2:30 pm AEDT

Our games are housed online. Is there wifi access for us at ACMI?

Yes. You will be able to share online games at the Exhibition.

What are the dimensions of the trifold presentation board?

The Trifold presentation board is made of white foam board and is white on the front and the back. It measures 48″ X 36″ (1219 x 914.4mm).

It has a single 36″ x 24″ (915 x 610mm) Centre panel and two SIDE panels that fold in to enable it to be free standing.

More information. See here.

What does the tri-fold presentation board look like?

Will there be power available at the Showcase/Exhibition display tables for laptops, etc?

Yes. Power will be provided.

Please ensure the devices you bring along that need to be powered have current (within 12 months) electrical testing and tagging certification. 

Electrical tagging and testing is usually done at schools each year and devices have certification stickers attached to them.

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