As a part of the GAC 2018 Exhibition students are required to:


•   Explain their idea and the game/app they produced to other people?

•   Create a tri-fold display board (supplied) to showcase the process of game making or app building and support the explanation of the game/app to the audience.


As a general rule, each school Challenge entry gets half a trestle table (about 90cm x 72cm), covered in black cloth, to display their game/app or prototype on the device/s they bring along, and their tri-fold display. Schools can bring along any artefact to display as long as their display will fit on the display table.

Students will put together their tri-fold display on the morning of the Exhibition.

Schools will need to bring along all the design elements (printouts) they wish to include on the tri-fold display board. The tri-fold display tells the voting public what you have done and why. It helps students to answer the Evaluation Criteria.

Printouts may include……game descriptions, process explanations, photos, headings, school logo, etc . The display table can include any other dry, clean display features you wish. All display items, including theTri-fold board, need to be taken back to school at the end of the day. The trifold board dimensions are on the FAQ page

Schools will also need to bring their own glue sticks (not wet glue) and scissors, if required, to decorate the tri-fold display. Schools may choose to print out information and photos, etc onto adhesive printer paper. This is just an idea…it is quick and easy, but not cheap!

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