We are very happy to welcome back Clara Reeves from Hipster Whale who will announce the winners of the Victorian Schools Games & Apps Challenge, People Choice Awards.

Information about the Exhibition……

What you need to bring to the Exhibition Day at ACMI on Friday, October 26th

Here is a checklist:

  1. Working games, apps or prototypes for the voting public to view and try……if they wish
  2. A copy of your reflection video/s on your device to display
  3. A print out of your design brief/s to put on the display table
  4. A device for each entry into the Games and Apps Challenge. Power will be provided at each display table. Please ensure the devices you bring along that need to be powered have current (within 12 months) electrical testing and tagging certification. A tagged powerboard maybe useful.
  5. All the design elements (printouts) you wish to include on your tri-fold display board. The tri-fold display tells the voting public what you have done and why. It helps you to answer the Evaluation Criteria. Printouts may include……game descriptions, process explanations, photos, headings, school logo, etc You can include any other dry, clean display features you wish. Tri-fold boards will be taken with you to display back to school at the end of the day.
  6. Glue sticks (not wet glue) and scissors, if required, to decorate the tri-fold display. You may choose to print out information and photos, etc onto adhesive printer paper. This is just an idea…it is quick and easy, but not cheap!  Students get 45 minutes to set up their display tables in the morning. As a general rule, each school entry gets half a trestle table(about 90cm x 72cm), covered in black cloth, to display their game/app or prototype, including the tri-fold display. More about the display table here.
  7. Morning Tea (this is not provided)
  8. Enthusiasm and a sense of fun!

NB: Schools will need to organise their own excursion forms for the event. DET does not require copies of these.

What you need to wear to the Exhibition Day at ACMI on Friday, October 26th

Students need to wear their school uniform to the Games and Apps Challenge.

GAC T-Shirts may be worn over the top of their uniform.

What you need to go when you arrive at ACMI on Friday, October 26th

You may wish to organise a meeting point for your group, perhaps in Federation Square and then walk into ACMI together. Note the opening times of ACMI entrances here.

When you enter the main entrance at ACMI (located in Federation Square), head for the Registration Table opposite. Here you will sign in and be directed to the Cinema for the beginning of our day.

The Exhibition Showcase starts at 9:30am and concludes at 2:30pm.

Special Extras…

Good to know

  • The Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge will take place in “The Cube” event space near the Flinders St entrance to ACMI. The announcement of the People’s Choice Awards and prizes ceremony will take place at around 2:10pm on the stage in the Lightwell.  (See: ACMI Floor Plan Below)


  • ACMI is organising the lunchtime catering for the Challenge. Teachers have been catered for and will choose their lunch from the buffet with the delegates from the Education in Games Summit. Students will receive a lunch box containing, a sandwich, fruit, sweet item & a small drink.

Screen Worlds & Games Lab Visit

  • During the day, students and their teachers will get an opportunity to visit the ACMI Screen Worlds Exhibition and Games Lab. 
  • Screen Worlds: The Story of Film, Television and Digital Culture is an exhibition spanning over 100 years of the moving image, from pre-cinematic objects and forms to today’s immersive media. The exhibition contains 220 screen-based displays, over 30 hours of moving image content, including specially commissioned works, and fascinating artefacts and memorabilia. Screen Worlds gives students the opportunity to think critically about the moving image, to create work and manipulate its forms and to understand the integral role it plays in our lives.
  • The Games Lab is hands-on. It presents a cross-section of games showing their ability to be gentle, curious, affirming, empathetic and challenging.


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