Design Brief Templates – The workbook for students…

Choose one of the Design Brief Templates presented below for your students to work through the design process.

The content in each template is the same, only the format is different. Choose the format that most suits the way you and your students will be working. One idea would be to add them to a cloud space to encourage collaboration.

The design brief takes students through the design process and is what they need to pull all of their work, inspiration, and ideas together to be exhibited with their final product. The Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge sees equal educational benefits in the design process as well as the creation of the final product.

The Challenge asks for design, computational and organisational thinking. It also requires some creativity and artistry as well as a really good communication strategy. We encourage groups of students to enter. 

The templates allow for images, links to code or video, photos etc. Please ensure each group completes a design brief.


A word on file formats for the Design Brief:

  • If the provided software formats do not suit your school, you may choose an alternative presentation format. For example, schools using Apple devices may prefer to use Keynote, Stile schools may wish to create a Stile lesson format for students to use.
  • You must ensure that the content of your design brief is exactly the same as is provided below.
  • Please email your alternative design brief for approval


Visit the Submit page for instructions on how to submit the Design Brief.

Powerpoint Design Brief

Word Design Brief

Keynote Design Brief

OneNote Design Brief

Please Note:

There is not a problem with the Keynote and OneNote design briefs, the blog is unable to display an image for these files.

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