Student Templates – The workbook for students

To guide students through the Challenge we have created three Design Brief Templates (See below).

Teachers can direct their students to the template of their choice (Word, PowerPoint or OneNote). Students can work directly in these to create their Design Brief and follow the Design Process. They feature the same content but have differing formats.

The Templates will allow for images, links to code or video, photos etc. It is what students will need to work in, It can be shared via cloud based services to support student collaboration. Teachers are asked to submit one per group.

OneNote files will need to zipped before submitting or, if working in the cloud, ensure that the OneNote link is shared to allow anyone with the link to edit. 

Visit the Submit page for instructions on Submitting.

Please find the Student PowerPoint Template

Visit the Submit page for instructions on Submitting.




A simple template to use is the Word Template

Visit the Submit page for instructions on Submitting.



If you have OneNote installed you will be able to download this
OneNote Design Brief. In order to submit it you will need to zip your file or if sharing the cloud based link ensure that anyone with the link can edit.


Visit the Submit page for instructions on Submitting.

OneNote is a digital notebook where all the information, documents and files you create are uploaded and stored on the cloud. You can use OneNote across a range of different devices including Windows desktops, tablets and phones, Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads, as well as all Android devices.

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