The Games & Apps Challenge is no longer available

Please consider ACMI's Screen It! Competition as a game creation challenge for your students!


Are you a Victorian primary or secondary teacher looking to develop your confidence in the Digital Technologies curriculum? Are you looking to get your students creating games or apps as a part of the curriculum?

Look no more!

The 2018 Games and App Challenge (#GAC_2018) is just what you have been looking for! The Challenge is open to all Victorian school students in years 3 to 10 and aims to encourage creativity in coding and highlight the role of art and design in the games and apps development industry.  It involves students producing games and apps that offer solutions to real-world problems.

Participating schools will work on creating their games/apps during term 3, 2018. Microsoft and Apple Australia, as DET industry partners, will provide ongoing professional learning and support to schools who choose to use their products for the challenge.

The Challenge will culminate in a showcase exhibition at the Education in Games Summit 2018 at ACMI on Friday 26th October 2018. Industry partners will support their schools in a workshop with participating schools on the morning of the showcase.

The theme for this year’s Games and App Challenge is: Together We Can.

Come on, register now!!

Attention Global2 users: Department-funding for Global2 is being discontinued.

The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.